Tis the Season to be…

I don’t know about you, but I have been taken aback by the “rudeness” of people during this season.  It’s not like people can be rude and are rude during other times of the year but there is something about this time of the year.  You know “the most wonderful time of the year” according to the Christmas song.

I guess people are in a hurry and don’t have time for trivial things, like courtesy, kindness, and respect.  Seems that people are in such a rush, they will push their cart into you, cut you off in line, trample on your feet, and almost knock you down in their frenzy to attain that perfect gift for their loved one. 

This hit me more this year as I am finishing up an etiquette class for girls at one of our local community centers.  The girls’ range in ages from 9 – 16 years.  Our current lesson has centered on what I term: the three survival etiquette skills; courtesy, kindness, and respect.  I thought they were worth sharing with you. 


Is simply, politeness (good manners) in one’s attitude and behavior toward others.  Just because others are rude, doesn’t mean you have to be rude.  When someone is rude hit them with a hefty punch of courtesy.  Use your power words—excuse me, thank you, you’re welcome, and I’m sorry. 


The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.  

It doesn’t cost you anything to be nice.  And, the results are well-worth the effort.  Try it for yourself.  Be friendly, giving, and thoughtful of others. Make note of the responses you receive.


I think Aretha Franklin said it best: “Respect, find out what it means to me!”  The online dictionary defines respect as: “regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.”

Today’s relaxed standard of etiquette and social skills leave many young people confused as to what is proper and improper.  For instance, “who goes first; you or the slow walking elderly lady with the cane? Or do you stop and pick up the package dropped by the lady with three kids trying to juggle boxes and kids?  

  Can you imagine how different the world would be if people would put into practice the art of being courteous, kind, and respectful.  Three simple words that when put into practice make a world of difference.

Oh, well, I can dream!  Here are a few other etiquette tips, I call them your power words.  Use them and see what happens.

Etiquette Power Words

  • Please – When you want something
  • Thank You – When you receive what you asked for; someone gives you something, and when someone gives you a compliment.
  • You’re Welcome – When someone thanks you.
  • Excuse Me – When you burp, yawn, fart, bump into someone, step over someone’s feet, or interrupt a conversation.
  • Yes, please – When you want something being offered; and
  • No Thank You – When you don’t.
  • I’m Sorry – When you mess up.

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