Darlene’s Message

Darlene LaneyAnd, He Made a Woman is a work that was many …

 years in the making. If someone had told me I would one day write a book, I would have thought them crazy but that was before, I became a new woman in Christ Jesus.

To say my life changed is an understatement. I really went through a transformation physically and spiritually. As God ordered my steps in His Word, I discovered a new life. A life in which I learned that I was special to Him. So much so until He “made” me special from all of his other creations.

Discovering my true identity as a woman set me free to shed the burden of being a liberated woman to learning to walk in the liberty He had called me to. During this time, I embarked upon a long-held desire of mine which was to complete my college education. True to His Word that if I would delight myself in Him, He would give me my heart’s desire, God made it possible for me to not only complete a Bachelor’s Degree but also a Master’s Degree in Education-Counseling. And, He did it all within six years while I was working a full-time job. That was a miracle in itself!

During my educational process, both academically and Biblically, God transformed a high school drop out, college stop out, teen wife and mother, single parent raising two sons into an educated, capable and confident woman that had learned she was somebody because God didn’t make junk! Through ups and downs and the stripping away of my tired thinking, God formulated a ministry—God’s Special Forces, a training program for developing young women of quality from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds between the ages of 8 – 17 years.

And, He Made a Woman is me sharing with you in writing what I take to women everywhere and every time I’m given the opportunity…to let them know that God made (skillfully formed and shaped) them with a specific purpose in mind.

In this my latest book, God’s Special Forces, A Training Manual for Becoming a Young Woman of Quality, I share with you the charm course I developed and present to girls.  I don’t know about you, but I needed help in not only presenting myself but also in basic etiquette and social skills development. I was fortunate to have some great women, women I’ve dedicated this book to, come into my life and prepare me for my what I term, “kingly encounters.”  Just as Esther was “groomed” and prepared for her kingly encounter, so today’s young women need to be prepared to meet their kingly encounters in a global society that demands they be not only well-educated but versed in proper etiquette and possess outstanding social skills.  The GSF Charm Course, if followed will go a long way in that preparation.

You can go through this book with your Mom, with a friend, in a group or even own your own.  Either way, you will find yourself enjoying this book full of information and ideas that will help you explore and discover true beauty, accentuate the positive, be style savvy, put it all together, and give you more confidence than you ever dreamed. Get your copy today! 

I am sincerely grateful that I have been given the opportunity to write these book and thankful that God put people in my life that have encouraged and supported me through the writing, editing, publication and now marketing process.

I pray that the words in these books will be as much a blessing for you to read as they were for me to write.

– Darlene Laney, Author