God’s Special Forces


Author, Darlene Laney brings you the program that inspired her to write, And He Made a Woman.

Publisher:  Halo Publishing International
ISBN:  978-1-61244-126-9
Book Available at:  Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble

God’s Special Forces…. is for girls 8 -14 years and contains information that will help them discover the source of true and lasting beauty.  It is 119 pages of information, self-esteem enhancing exercises, instruction in proper etiquette, basic social skills development, how to accentuate the positive, put it all together and be social savvy.  The quizzes, projects and so much more will encourage and empower them to be the unique individual God purposed them to be.  The program is effective whether gone through on your own, with your Mom, a friend or even a group.  Upon completion of the book, girls can send for their “Certificate of Completion.”



Excerpt from God’s Special Forces

Calling All Girls…It’s Finally Here! Author, Darlene Laney brings you the program that inspired her to write, And He Made a Woman, Becoming a Woman of Quality in a “B” Class WorldGod’s Special Forces, A Manual for Becoming a Young Woman of Quality is an 11-lesson, 119-page charm course that will challenge you, entertain you and inform you. You will learn to step out of the status quo, dare to be uniquely you, and stand for something, not falling for anything.

The cover is unique and designed to allow you to color it, personalize it, and make it your own. Unique, like you. An original, one of a kind. With your Mom, a friend, a group or even on your own, enjoy going through this distinctively different, workbook full of information and ideas that will help you explore and discover true beauty, accentuate the positive, be style savvy, put it all together, and give you more confidence than you ever dreamed! Real talk, fun age-appropriate exercises, quizzes, inspiration and so much more to help you learn to be uniquely you and know: You are Somebody cause God don’t make no junk!

Read What Others Are Saying …

God’s Special forces is a very special and unique program designed to teach young ladies how to be ladies.  It’s more than just a charm school.  God’s Special Forces works on the girl’s self-esteem and uses the Word of God to speak the truth about who she really is.  God’s Special Forces teaches young ladies how to present themselves to the world with elegance and style. GSF is a must have class for all young ladies.” ~ D. Walker

Even though it has been years ago and I don’t remember the name of the program, I will never forget the results of the program.  The change in the young ladies was dramatic. They were changed!  After attending the program they were more respectful and had more confidence in themselves.  I highly commend Darlene Laney for developing the GSF Program and for her faithfulness and contributions to young girls from all walks of life.”  ~ B. McAlister


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