God Don’t Make No Junk!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my website and share in the many wonderful things that have been happening since the release of “And, He Made a Woman.” I’m still in awe of your many encouraging messages I’ve received from those of you that have read this book. I sincerely appreciate your support!

I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to go to my email and find so many messages from you sharing your thoughts, prayers and praise reports after reading my book. I am excited by the number of you joining the ranks of the great company of women through the “Just tell Five” campaign who after reading this book are now going forth and telling five other women about the empowering, affirming and motivating word it contains. Some of you have even contacted me through my Guest Book telling me that not only did you tell five, you bought five and gave them as gifts to women you knew would be blessed by reading this book.

Think, about it: Because you tell five and each of the five that you tell, tells five and those 25 each tell five more, you would have introduced 100 women to an empowering, affirming and motivating word that will give them sound Biblical truths that will teach them to walk in liberty, how to put the bullies out of their life, to loose any vices that might be holding them captive, to get rid of the uglies and know it’s a “G” thing and not a me thing.

I get goose bumps when I think about how mighty a great company of women God is raising up in these tumultuous times, armed and equipped with the Word going forth and bearing witness to His good, acceptable and perfect will for their lives. I hope you will return to my site again and again as I share with you some of my thoughts in this “Think About It” section.

I thank God for each and every one of you and pray that you will continue to go forth heads high, backs straight, standing for something and not falling for anything, knowing that you are somebody because God don’t make no junk!